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by Steven C. Baham, Computer Scientist /  Information Technology Consultant / Computing Systems Analyst

Baham Labs: bIzTech Direct Service

Does your business pay high technology repair fees every time your office needs support? Can't afford to have an Information Technology specialist on staff? Baham Labs contract clients enjoy the security of having an information technology specialist on call, without the high per-visit or per-hour fees that most other technology firms charge. Just a few of the services that contract clients enjoy are:

  • No Per-Visit Fees
  • PC Checkups (Software cleanup, etc.)
  • Virus/Worm Scans and Prevention
  • Hacker & Intrusion Prevention
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop & Server Edition Security Updates/Patches 
  • Configuration & bug Fixes
  • Support for Network Hardware
  • Installation of New Devices or systems
  • Repair of computing devices
  • Hardware Cleaning & Upkeep
  • Printer Support
  • Phone &  E-mail, & Fast Remote Support
  • Emergency Support

bIzTech Direct clients of Baham Labs don't have to scramble to find technology support when needed, help is just a phone call away. In fact, even if it's not an emergency, regular visits are made to the offices of clients to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. And as your company grows, technology advances, or your technology needs change, Baham Labs will be there to provide a smooth transition as we evolve with your business.

At Baham Labs, we believe that with proper preventative maintenance, we can minimize the possibility of a digital disaster. Therefore, everything from security patches, to virus scanner updates, to the physical cleaning of your computers fans is done in an attempt to prevent your company from having any downtime.

Fair prices are also important. Many firms often change high per month fees just to be on call for even a very small company with one or two computer systems. If your company would like to become a Baham Labs bIzTech Direct Client, we'll work together to make sure that your contract not only meet your computing needs, but also fit your budget with some of the most competitive prices in the business.

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