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Fees and Prices

We believe in having competitive, fair rates for our customers. Because of this, we use a flat rate system to let clients know exactly how much they will expect to be charged at the completion of a project. Others may charge high unfair, and/or per hour fees, whereas we only charge a flat rate per computing system.

To be fair to you, Baham Labs has No hourly billing! Check out our 2020 Flat Rate Price Guide( PDF). The Flat Rate Price Guide document is what we use as a guideline for our service fees.

So relax, you can afford us.

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No Data Loss & Privacy policy

Every effort will be taken to save any data stored on computer systems being repaired.

No personal data will be deleted unless specified by the system’s owner or

All data stored on computers being repaired is considered private, and will not be shared, viewed, or spoken of to anyone other than the system’s owner or user.